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Our Activities



The temperature of the water in the Indian Ocean around Mahé Island remains a comfortable 27 degrees Celsius on average, making it the ideal environment for scuba diving. With an underwater visibility of 30 metres and over 300 marine life species to enjoy, service providers such as Big Blue Divers take customers to the best diving spots around the island in private boats.


With many hiking companies available to visitors for walks and tours along the mountainside and even up some of the nearby hills. The Morne Seychelles is the highest mountain in the country and is located at Mahé Island. It is surrounded by dense rain forests full of indigenous flora and fauna, some of which are becoming rare species.

Explore Paradise

From our beautiful beaches to our mountains and jungles, there is lot to explore in the seychelles


Fishing is a popular activity among the locals at Seychelles. This is mainly because the majority of the working class depend on it for their livelihood. However, as a tourist if you are interested in inspecting the local catch or in a little deep-sea fishing, then there are services that you can hire for this experience.


One of our best activities in seychelles is exploring our islands, Mahe, Praslin or Ladigue are the most popular amongst tourists. 

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